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Best Military Watches in 2024

At the moment of current events in the world, military watches become even more important. The military industry has been supplied by the watch industry since a century ago. A reliable watch is an important factor in today's time, and we want you to be in step with that moment.

We have created a comprehensive guide consisting of 12 chapters, in which we will describe in detail everything from analog to smartwatch. The classification is based on the model specifications and not on the branches of the army.

Since we are talking about military watches, it automatically implies that the watch is durable and that is without compromise. We will try as much as the sections allow, so that the models that are found are adequate but also affordable in terms of price.

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So it's time to get started with the guide. First we will look at a brief overview of the products that will be included in the list and then for each description with all the relevant data



The legendary G-Shock collection and its representative Mudmaster as the first choice

BEST SMARTSuunto Traverse Watch

A stylish Suunto smartwatch with all the battlefield requirements

BEST WITH GPSGarmin Instinct Solar Tactical, Solar-Powered Rugged Outdoor Smartwatch with Tactical Features, Built-in Sports Apps and Health Monitoring, Moss Green (Renewed)

Garmin Instinct ★★★★☆
A smartwatch with advanced functions, included in the GPS section due to the tactical edition

BEST WOMEN'STimex Women's TW4B12000 Expedition Field Mini Brown/Green Nylon/Leather Strap Watch

An affordable solution, with a simple design adapted to ladies


Tailored for special missions with modern features.

BEST ANALOGBertucci Men's A-2T Original Classics - Black / Black Nylon

A model with a classic design but made of durable material


Timex Men's Expedition Scout 40mm Watch – Black Case Cream Dial with Green Fabric Strap

Classic design, suitable for everyday wear in all occasions

BEST FIELDHamilton Khaki Field Automatic Green Dial Men's Watch H70535061

With an extremely good design and made of solid material, this model is a true representative of field watches


Casio Men's G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 20 (Model: DW5600E-1V)

It is almost impossible to leave out this model as affordable.


True military design as well as specifications, with eco-drive

BEST DIVEOmega Seamaster Automatic Blue Dial Steel Men's Watch

A luxury solution as a representative of dive watches

BEST WITH COMPASSCasio Men's 'PRO TREK' Solar Powered Silicone Watch, Color:Black (Model: PRG-650Y-1CR)

A durable case with modern functions such as a compass

Best Military Watch in 2024

It's time to move on to a more detailed description of each individual product from these 12 categories. All of them, as we talked about in the introduction, have the characteristic of good durability, some are smart, some are digital or analog, so that everyone can find something to their taste.


Shape - Round
Case diameter - 55.4 mm
Case Thickness - 19.3 mm
Band Material - Resin
Band width - 22 mm
Special features - Super illuminator LED backlight
Movement - Quartz

1. G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100 ★★★★

Perhaps best overall would be a better description of this product. Absolutely durable model with a design that is required for military purposes

PROS +Mud Resistance
+Advanced Sensor Technology
+Bluetooth Connectivity
CONS -Size and Weight
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Short review

As we have already made an introduction in the Quick menu section, this model can also be considered as the best overall. The reason for this is that it is absolutely adapted to military conditions. Its case, in addition to being made of resin, has a carbon core guard structure that provides additional reinforcement from external influences, so it can be reduced to the description of the manufacturer, such as mud-resistant structure. Since it is a representative of the G-Shock collection, it is immediately clear that shock and vibration resistance are its hallmarks, and water resistance is also up to par. As you noticed in the "Best Deals" section, we selected watches that have a triple or quad sensor. This model has quad sensor capabilities, which means it has a compass for navigation, an altimeter and barometer for altitude and atmospheric pressure readings, and a thermometer for environmental awareness.


✅ You Operate in Challenging Environments - Not all people here are military oriented. There are people who also work in very difficult working conditions. This model is exactly for such people, who work in difficult conditions and need a reliable model that is resistant to external influences.
You Value Advanced Features - Its quad sensor is an absolutely essential factor in this decision. Because it sets it apart from the classics but does not include it in the smart ones


❌ You’re not into oversized watches - If you don't like bulky watches or have a small wrist, this model is not for you. In the specifications section, it is clear that this watch is more than bulky


Garmin tactix Delta Solar with Ballistics, Specialized Tactical Watch with Solar Charging Capabilities, Ruggedly Built to Military Standards, Night Vision Compatibility, Black


Lens material - Power Sapphire
Case diameter - 35.56 mm
Display resolution - 280 x 280 pixels
Connectivity- Bluetooth, ANT+, Wi-Fi
Ballistics solver - Yes
Night vision mode - Yes

2. Garmin tactix Delta Solar ★★★★

An expensive solution with all the modern features that make it the perfect watch in this field

PROS +Solar Charging Capabilities
+Military Standard Durability
+Advanced Ballistics Features
CONS -High Price Point
-Limited Features
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Short review

This model is not an ordinary military model that is made purely to fill the market, but a serious smartwatch that is made according to the MIL-STD-810 standard. His endurance performance doesn't need much to be said, so we'll focus on what he's capable of. What is important for people in the field is that the watch has the possibility of solar charging, which is more and more common today in ordinary analog watches. This feature is very important because we are all aware that the battery in smartwatches is of a variable category, and that it cannot last for years without being recharged, as is the case with classic ones. Regarding the ballistic support, we will say that this is precisely the main reason for the price difference between this model and the regular model


✅ You're in the Military or Law Enforcement - For the mentioned jobs, this model can be extremely helpful, especially all its advanced functions regarding ballistics and night vision..
You're an Outdoor Enthusiast - For this type of people, this watch is extremely helpful as it is not only durable but also provides smart features that can help in such an environment.


❌ You Prefer Simplicity - However, for some users, all these advanced features may be too complicated. On the other hand, they consume a lot of battery, so they do more harm than good


Display Type - Digital
Case material - Resin
Case diameter - 45 millimeters
Case Thickness - 15 millimeters
Band Material - Resin
Band width - 26 millimeters
Movement - Quartz
Water resistant depth -660 Feet

3. Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V ★★★★

For people who don't want to spend too much money on expensive models and on the other hand are looking for a reliable watch, this model is the solution

PROS +Affordability
+Time-Tested Reliability
+Simple, Functional Design
CONS -Basic Features
-Lack of Tactical Features
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Short review

The model we present to you is somewhat universal, as it can be included in any list. The reason for that is, first of all, its affordable price. It is almost impossible to find such a cheap and high-quality model. Another thing is its functionality, which is not behind some more advanced ones, but again these are some basic functions compared to other digital and especially smartwatches. It is a member of the G-Shock collection and features, as we said with the Mudmaster, are extremely shock-resistant. So for some outdoor activities, this model won't have any problems. In addition, its water resistance is excellent, so it doesn't matter if it's raining or you're crossing a river, swimming, this watch is even suitable for diving. What makes it different from other models from that famous collection is the design. Usually, the models of the G-Shock collection are much more robust, but this one still seems much more comfortable compared to the entire series


✅ You Appreciate Rugged Simplicity - If your requirements are not such that you need GPS or heart rate monitoring and other advanced features that smartwatches have, this model is for you

✅ You Engage in Varied Environments - As we said in the short description, without problems and without risk of damage this model is capable of working in different conditions


❌ You Have a Heavy-Duty Military Role - However, if you are a professional and your watch is a source of real information, you will not find this model useful, precisely because of the lack of advanced functions.
❌ You Require a Lightweight Watch - Although it's much better proportioned than the entire collection, it's still a bulky watch for people with small wrists


Battery Life In Time Mode - 14 days
Lens - Sapphire crystal
Strap Material - Nylon Textile
Battery Life In Gps (Best/Good/Ok) - 10/15/100 hours
Water Resistance - 100m